Acids and Alkalis
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Acidity is measured on the pH scale

  • 1 is a strong acid
  • 7 is neutral 
  • 14 is a strong alkali

acid + alkali  > salt + water

Naming salts:

-  the alkali gives the first half of the name e.g. sodium hydroxide forms sodium salts.

- the acid gives the second part of the name

              : hydrochloric acid gives chlorides

              : nitric acid gives nitrates

              : sulphuric acid gives sulphates

An acid is something which produces hydrogen ions in solution

Bases are the oxides and hydroxides of metals

Alkalis are soluble bases the produce hydroxide ions in solution.

Neutralisation occurs when hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions combine to form water:

H+(aq) + OH-(aq) > H2O(l)

This video looks at Acids and Alkalis and the pH of the ocean


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