How Media affects Sport
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Some sports have had to change to be more amenable to media coverage

Television influence participation rates in certain sports (when channel 4 showed volleyball between 1980 and 84, affiliation rose by 70%. When table tennis was no longer covered, participation dropped by a third)

Participation in sport is falling and this is partly attributed to too much watching of sport. However studies like The Wolfenden Report suggest watching sport on TV may actually positively influence people to take up a sport. When British teams do well in a sport at the Olympics there is often and increase in grass roots participation.

Spectatorism is on the decline because it is more comfortable to watch the game from home. This is why football clubs charge large fees to TV companies wanting to televise the match.

American networks own the Olympics and can alter the timing of main events to suit live broadcasting times. Sky TV has changed football from a Saturday game to an everyday event. Having bought exclusive TV rights to Rugby league, Sky changed the winter sport to a summer one, restructured the leagues to create a Super League and manufactured clubs in under represented areas. All clubs had to devise a non-geographical nickname in order to merchandise themselves.


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